Byron Barlowe is a research associate and digital communicator with Probe Ministries. He studied Communications and Marketing at Appalachian State University in gorgeous Boone, N.C. Byron served 20 years with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), eight years as editor and Webmaster of a major scholarly publishing site, Leadership University ( LeaderU.com). In that role, he blogged before blogging was called that, edited an online journal and encyclopedia of Christian worldview scholarship, and oversaw several sub-sites, including the Online Faculty Offices of Drs. William Lane Craig and William Dembski. His wonderful wife, Dianne, served 25 years with CCC. They now track their triplets who entered college simultaneously in three different states, leaving them in an apocalyptic empty nest. Prayers welcome.

Allen Hainline graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He received a Masters Equivalent degree in Systems and Software Engineering from the University of Texas Continuing Engineering Studies and also later taught in the program for several years. Allen also taught several software engineering courses for Raytheon. Allen’s most recent education included graduate study at Biola University in archaeology, cosmology and evolution.
Allen worked at Raytheon for about 12 years in software engineering before leaving as an Engineering Fellow in 1999 to be involved in 3D-modeling and algorithm development at a startup company. Allen is self-employed and works on algorithm and software development. Allen is happily married for 31 years to Rose, and they have 2 sons and 2 daughters. Allen went through a period of doubts and skepticism but after years of researching historical, scientific, archaeological and philosophical evidence concluded that there is far better evidence for Christianity than for other religions or for atheism. He helped start this group at UTD 8 years ago and also leads a Reasonable Faith group at his church, Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. Some of Allen's blogs can be found at CrossExamined.org - here is a summary blog referencing his fine-tuning series.

Justin W. Bass has a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary in New Testament Studies. His dissertation is entitled The Battle for the Keys: Revelation 1:18 and Christ's Descent into the Underworld. He has received a Masters of Theology from DTS and a Business degree in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University. Dr. Bass is currently the Lead Pastor of 1042 Church in Frisco, TX, he teaches Greek as an Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary..

Steve Lee has taught for over a decade at Prestonwood Christian Academy in the fields of Logic, Worldviews, Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics.  He devotes his full time now to the discipline of Apologetics (defending the truth claims of Christianity) where he has trained over a thousand students in defending Christianity.  He also has taught World Religions and Philosophy at Mountain View College in Dallas.  With a degree in history and education from the University of North Texas, Steve continued his education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a M.A. in philosophy of religion and is pursuing a doctorate degree at the University of Texas at Dallas.  He continues to be involved in public speaking ranging from civic groups, churches, and professional development as well as being commissioned to write several articles for the Apologetics Study Bible for Students (B&H Publishing, 2010).

Beau Bishop is a Christian speaker, teacher and apologist with experience speaking to churches, youth groups and university students presenting the case for the Christian worldview.  He is the VP of Operations for Reasonable Faith the ministry of Dr. William Lane Craig and a trained apologetics instructor through Cross Examined, the ministry of Dr. Frank Turek.  Professionally Beau works as a business leader in the technology sector.  He has a degree in computer science from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and owns a technical recruiting firm based in Allen, TX.  Beau's areas of interest and the focus of his personal study are Philosophy, Theology, Apologetics and Church History.

Nils F. Confer, PhD, MBA
Dr. Confer lives in Dallas, Texas and currently works in Global Medical Affairs for a leading pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing treatments for rare genetic diseases. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences from the University of North Texas with a research focus on nuclear protein modifications as intermediaries of DNA repair and programmed cell death. His postdoctoral years were spent at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he engaged in research on modifications of atypical DNA polymerases during DNA repair. Nils started his baccalaureate education at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Texas with a graduate certificate in Asian Business Studies. In his early years Nils served in the United States Marine Corps as a machinegun squad leader during the Gulf War and as a Presidential Security Guard for George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton where he also provided security support to the State Department and the National Security Advisor to the President.